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Or replacement of the van with a newer modal with no increase of payments. Prior to me contacting the BBB all that was said to me by the Head Salesman from ''Wheels and Deals'' was that everything that was said was just ''Hear Say'' then I was goat-ed in asking if I should contact a lawyer, from that point on all communication was cut by any ''Wheels and Deals'' staff. Before I took my concerns to the Fredericton City Police file pertaining to what is called a ''Gold Seal Warranty'' and was told by the police that there was no fraud involved,I called the head salesman for ''wheels and Deals'' and asked if this could be rectified before I took it any further and was refused by the salesman.

I have yet to see any document with my signature on it accepting the ''Gold Seal Warranty'' I do have a document where I refused the extended warranty and has my Initial on it. Barton's complaint. Wheels and Deals supplies all our customers with Carproofs on every vehicle we sell, this is clearly marked on all our vehicles and through out our building. We would like to point out that though we do this and this has been our practice for every purchase for the past ten years, we are not required by New Brunswick Law to do this.

We find it funny that, Customers do conveniently only pass on the information they wish others to see. Wheels and Deals Customers have every opportunity to look over and try out their vehicle before they purchase it. Our records do show Mr. Barton had a water pump problem April 13, and we supplied a water pump which he put on himself.

Barton did go to the Fredericton Police, which he failed to mention to BBB and pursue charges in July, about a warranty that was not purchased. Barton knew at the time of sale he did not purchase an extended warranty and this amount was placed on his bill of sell and the proceeds were applied to his trade that he was upside down on, to help him get his loan because of his less than desirable financial situation.

Steven Cliff investigated this complaint by Mr. Barton and found that Mr. Barton mislead the City of Fredericton Police Force with his accusations. We provided and have all of Mr. Barton's full and true paper work and correspondence on record and dated. Wheels and Deals took no action or recourse and asked Cst. Cliff to ask Mr.

Barton to not contact us and image it known Mr. Cliff also said he would warn Mr. As owner of Wheels and Deals and believing that Mr. Barton is not a man of his word and will do all he can to extort money from us, I decided that though we did with Mr. Barton's acknowledgemnt and awarness applied his warranty money toward his previous loan.

We would send the same amount back to the bank to be applied against his loan. This was sent to Scotia Bank Att. Wheels and Deals does not have any other obligation to Anthony Arnold. We have acted properly through out and did our best to help Mr. Arnold , in his financing, when he had a problem and even tried to assist on his paint complaint.

Barton, mislead the Fredericton police, he is now misleading the BBB. We have full and properly dated records of all transactions and all contacts with Mr.

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We fell, Mr Barton is trying to get something for nothing. He bought a well used Dodge Caravan with , kms on it, November Used Vehicles need up keep, repairs and certainly many have previous paint work, this is why they are called Used Vehicles. Wheels and Deals feels that it satisfied all its obligations and went far beyond to assist Mr.

In the winter we socialize, in the summer we eat and then ride. Typically all day. Generally we have an official meeting the second Sunday of each month during breakfast. In the last few years we have been running a Wednesday evening ride for anyone that wants to ride with us. These runs are usually 1.

The Club was formed in the fall of by Colin and Nancy Carsons.


Colin was on the N. Safety Council and got others from the council to join. The first president was Mike Fenety. We had our very first Toy Ride the summer of and have held a Toy Ride every single summer since. We organize our fund raising efforts with Crystal Doucette the director of child life services. We also support other clubs and their charitable fund raising events. People generally enjoy being around other people who enjoy the same likes and passion. Our link is the motorcycle.

The freedom of the open road, no distractions, no radio, just two wheels and the wind. Many members join the club so they can meet other rider. We help each other, not only do we promote safe riding but as well we share technical information. Most of our members find that over time their relationship changes from being a member of a club to a gathering of close friends. The best thing to do when buying a vehicle is ask for the CarProof, read it verify it and buy from a reputable dealer Used or New.. At Wheels and Deals we pull, review, share and have on file for your immediate scrutiny a CarProof for every vehicle.

Here are just a few examples of why CarProof has earned the reputation of being the 1 trusted source in Canada. What I have seen over my 36 years buying and selling vehicles in Fredericton. I do not have the money to pay for the hidden repairs of Tires, brakes etc. Worst part is before years end you will be spending more again. Not like other car dealers that as long as it passes to day that is ok.

Along with the fact that all our vehicles carry the balance of factor warranties, you should be pleasantly impressed with your no or low cost Wheels and Deals vehicle. How do I do it? Keep in mind we can repair our vehicles a lot less than you can repair yours once you buy. Hugs JIM. It was a great day — very exciting! This was mainly because of the impersonal way we were treated even after years of dealing with the same companies.

They barely knew who we were when we walked in the door. Customer loyalty means nothing to them. When we arrived he met us at the door and started the day with a tour of the facility. It is impressive. I appreciated hearing about the inspection process that takes place on every vehicle you sell. The cars are cleaned spotless inside and out and under the hood. Test drive without the salesman — good. After purchase service on a couple of minor issues — excellent! Justin Roy — a likeable guy right from the start with a whole ton of knowledge about every make and model and option in a car.

I enjoy dealing with experts and Justin fits that description very well. Justin is professional, a great guy and made the day very enjoyable. All in all, we had a great experience and have already recommended you to our friends. Parents Gregg and Sandy Tucker….. Make a Donation Today Cell Specifically, our main activities are as follows:. A Better Life: Daily life is a struggle of survival for the children in Haiti. An estimated 65 percent of the population lives in poverty. In Rural areas that number is about 80 percent.

More than kids live in the streets. Our goal is to save as many as we can by bringing them off the streets and out of poverty to a new home and teach them the skills necessary to lift themselves out of misery and into a bright future. Health Care: Infant mortality is 76 per 1, births. More than 1 child in 10 died before the age of 5.

There is only 1 physician for ever 17, inhabitants. Haiti population is about 9 million Upon arrival at the organization, each child will receive a good health care program. We will hire a private doctor for them. The best medicine and vitamins will be provided when needed. Better Nutrition: Malnutrition affects almost every child in Haiti.

Better Education: 40 percent of the population is under the age of Close to half of primary aged children are not attending schools. Haiti had an illiteracy rate of over 55 percent, the highest in the Americas.

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Our children will attend a non-discriminatory primary-secondary school in the country. We will use every good tool necessary such as: Reading materials, tutors, field trips, and sports to better educate those precious souls. We believe that every child has a right to go to school and we will make it happen.

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When one comes under, they will be fed, clothed, loved, and housed. They will receive treatment for their addictions and illnesses. They will be counseled, served, listened to, educated, and edified to their highest potential. Operation Compassion: Operation Compassion is to provide, information, and resources to help fulfill the call to feed the hungry, care for the elderly and to reach out to those in need. Men and Women of Action: Our mission will provide men and women the opportunity to show the love of Christ by participating in hands-on ministry through volunteer service in construction, disaster relief and humanitarian assistance while enhancing other ministries so that they will be more effective, efficient and fruitful in their participation in the Great Commission.

Youth: To mobilize a generation of disciples that know, love and follow Jesus Christ and actively advance the kingdom of God to the nations of the earth. To cultivate a discipleship movement that will gather, equip, mobilize, and make disciples, that will perpetuate disciples that make disciples, leaders that develop leaders, and churches that plant churches.

The design includes two Dormitories, a K School, a Multiuse Building with kitchen, dining, chapel, and study facilities , a Sports field and open space for the children to play and explore. Each dorm will house children in ten bedrooms, one for girls and the other for boys. The school will allow the children to receive a traditional education with opportunities to learn trades and life skills.

Utilities are required to sustain and educate each child and the new property has no water or sewer and although electricity is nearby, it is expensive and undependable.

For power, a diesel back up generator is included. Please prayerfully consider how may become part of this labor of love to glorify God and serve the children of Haiti. We look forward to hearing how the Lord leads you. If you would like more information please contact us. Care like a man. Show your community just how manly you can be by joining other local men who want to make a measurable, positive impact right here in the Greater Fredericton Area.

We do it 4 times a year. How do you get involved? When you sign up, you nominate a charity. Then you stand by your commitment shoulder to shoulder with other local men… attend the meetings and bring your cheque! How We Work. You just have to give a little, together. We are not registered.

We have no directors, presidents or treasurers. We have no bank account. We have no operating budget, because our members write their cheques directly to the recipient charity. We are not an entity, but a movement. Our core group of organizers are simply volunteers generously donating their time to try and make a difference.

Would you like to see more like this?

The goal of the group is to support the wonderful work our local charities do, in funds, exposure, and awareness. To minimize our costs, we depend on the generosity of those interested in hosting our meetings every three months.

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Another Hug for you from us….. If something unexpected happens to you — like experiencing a physical disability or losing your job — our unique products can eliminate your vehicle debt or make payments on your behalf. Click here find the right coverage for you. Our products protect everyone. You can choose extended coverage for the full length of your financing term, upgrade your protection to cover more circumstances, or even add payment relief to help keep you in your vehicle through difficult times.

Why not! Every vehicle, leased or financed is protection. The coverage is extensive and can eliminate most if not all of your vehicle debt should life not go as planned. Master Promotions Ltd. Managing in excess of twenty-five events annually, Master Promotions Ltd. Extensive experience and industry affiliations consistently provide high quality, successful events.

As a result of this direct business focus, company procedures and infrastructure have been developed over nearly four decades which allows us to deliver the highest standards in the industry, including ease of exhibitor move-in and move-out; show contracting services; registration systems; and marketing and advertising programs. All of our brochures, advertising and printed materials are developed and produced by our own staff.