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Once you place an order, you or someone you know can pick it up at a Sears store, have it shipped to over countries—whatever is most convenient for you. Skip Navigation Sears home. Usage, Capacity and Timelines The crib is practical for a very long time. First, it will convert into a toddler bed after the baby outgrows the initial setup. Then it transforms into a complete standard bed. It supports children up to 35 inches. Adjustable Settings There are three different mattress heights to select from.

Parents can find the most practical option for their needs. Smaller parents will need some assistance moving the crib around a room to clean it. The design is also a little more intricate so it takes more time to clean properly. It can also convert into a normal bed when your child gets older.

The crib also transform into a daybed or normal bed with the conversion kits sold separately. It is a very functional baby crib. Usage, Capacity and Timelines The crib has an outstanding timeline. It can eventually convert into the headboard as upgrade the unit into a normal bed.

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The only issue is you will end up spending more money later on down the road for the conversion kit. Still, it is a cheaper alternative than buying a whole new bed. The conversion kit can make it a standard bet until the child reaches nearly 50 pounds. Adjustable Settings There are three different mattress settings to pick from.

Therefore, it is moderately easy to move around for cleaning purposes. The smooth surfaces on the crib are quick to wipe down. The added headboard is a cool extra that not every crib offers. The crib is a good combination of style and practicality. It can also convert into a daybed or toddler bed with the conversion kit. There are various height settings and the product conforms to all U. The slats are designed to support 80 pounds of pressed weight and the bed is advertised to not buckle if the weight is under pounds. The lead and phthalates levels are much lower than what the experts demand.


Usage, Capacity and Timelines You can use the crib for your baby as long as he or she is under your roof because it converts into a standard bed. There are extra conversion kits required to make this adjustment yet there is always the possibility. Adjustable Settings The mattress sets at four different height levels in order to accommodate your baby the best. The hardware on the product is hidden to avoid harming your baby. Little ones have the ability to get their fingers into just about anything, yet the Million Dollar Baby Classic Sullivan 4-in-1 Convertible Crib keeps the hardware away from being a safety hazard.

You may need help moving it around when it comes time to clean the nursery. However, it is simple to clean. It also works well in hotels. It is a good DIY project thanks to the rapid assembly. The only knock is the crib is a lot smaller than the rest of the products on the top ten list. Health and Safety Despite its small size the wooden structure is sturdy thanks to metal hardware that keeps the parts together. It is compact enough to easily wheel through doorways without smacking into anything. However, the timeline is much shorter as it will only work for a newborn up to about a year. Adjustable Settings You can pick from two height settings for the mattress.

The crib can also serve as a folding bassinet. There is little trouble taking it down or placing in storage. The wheels are a great extra. It is also straightforward to clean. There is a lot of parents to find the best of everything for their child. When you first start out a lot of the focus on our baby essentials like a crib and stroller. It can get overwhelming for first time parents new to the experience.

We want to make your life easier! If you are divided between a couple of different products on our list that is a good thing. Cribs are permanent pieces like furniture. They are not really designed to act portable like a travel system or bassinet. Cribs are traditionally very safe because they are the most stable and durable.

Cribs can accommodate newborns up to the age of five. Bassinets are a type of bedding yet much smaller compared to cribs. The reasoning is bassinets can act more mobile. They work well for small apartments and homes as you can easily move them from one room to another. Some models even fold for extra storage or travel purposes. The name says it all. Travel cribs are intended for the busy mom or dad. If you are on the road a lot travel systems are ideal because they are so lightweight and portable. The material of the travel system is not quite as premium as a traditional crib yet that is to avoid excess weight.

Some cribs almost act like a complete baby station. It is possible to have a multifunctional crib with built-in drawers and changing area. The crib can manage a series of tasks involving a baby yet are bulky and take up a fair amount of space. They work best in a nursery. Convertible cribs are also multipurpose. They are budget-friendly cribs because it can convert from a traditional crib to something more for a toddler as the child grows.

Conversion sets are usually sold in different sets so you may have to purchase one intended for a newborn, and one intended for a toddler later on down the road. Or you can purchase both now and invest toward the future. Portable cribs do not always make them good for travel, but more so for storage. Young parents are often restricted with space and either living with family or in close quarters. A portable crib will fold to free up space when not in use. You can also set the unit up in any room of the house depending on where you are at. You may prefer letting your newborn baby sleep in a bassinet or co-sleeper.

However, around the age of four or five months, your child will probably want something more exclusive. Standard cribs are your best option. It is difficult for a baby to fall out of a full size crib. Cribs are designed to be safe and remove any potential for suffocation. It is easy to position a baby monitor above the crib to keep an eye on baby while he or she sleeps.

The arrangement will serve you well for a few years.

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New parents can make this determination when:. When the child reaches the age of five. The weight of the child goes above the recommended support weight of the crib even if before age five. Determine that the baby crib is no longer practical for a toddler. Becomes a safety hazard as the toddler starts to climb and grab onto the sides. Convertible cribs, bassinets, and travel systems work really well because they are multipurpose. You may find out that a standard crib is not the most practical for your situation. Safety is the most important aspect of a baby bed along with comfortability.

Slats You know your baby will become curious and explore the bed. Consequently, make sure the bed slats do not pose a risk. If the slat cannot support the weight 80 lbs. Hazardous Materials Your baby may want to lick or suck on parts of the crib. It is why you need to find out what was used during manufacturing. Are the materials considered safe for a newborn? There are numerous health risks associated with certain types of materials and manufacturing processes. Recalls Global standards are quite strict about baby bed safety, which is a very good thing.

As a result, you will notice a fair share of baby products that get recalled. Drop-side cribs Drop side cribs are among the baby products that have been recalled. If you see one avoid it! Today's Deals.

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